Non Disclosure Agreements In The Modern Business World

The face of modern work has changed rapidly over the last several decades. The world has largely changed from analog systems and hardware, to a strong focus on software. Even the look of careers has had substantial changes.

How do these changes affect businessmen and businesswomen as they navigate the world of modern industry? And how do they affect the ever common non disclosure agreement?

Career Changes
Years ago, it was considered common place, and desirable to find a solid job, and to stick with until one retired. Often times, young men and women would start work at an entry level position, and after twenty to forty years on the job, they would retire from a mid-level management position.

Those days are gone though. Many companies now place emphasis on bringing in management members from outside the company, valuing a college degree over the on-the-job experience that their workers have. This means a hire turnover of employees on both sides of the fence. Entry level workers who are passed over for promotions, or who have a desire to climb the corporate ladder, begin to seek employment at other companies.

Also, those employees brought into mid-level positions have very little knowledge of the working of the company, and the job position that they fill. This means that more employees get into a job, and later find aspects of it that they did not anticipate.

This series of rapid fire exchanges have led to a new trend where employees are sought who actually have a variety of experience in their background. Employers want workers who can bring a variety to the work force, and who can show that they are flexible.

This turnover can cause problems though. For those who are in cutting edge, multi-faceted corporations, the lines of which companies are competitors becomes very fuzzy. It can be difficult to mitigate who you can you and cannot work for, based on your current non disclosure agreements.

Software, Not Hardware
Since much of the modern industrial world has such a strong focus on software, the non disclosure agreement reaches further than it ever has. Information considered “proprietary information” can extend much further than it used.

Things as simple as how a company manages their email, to possible changes to software coming down the line, open employees to a greater risk of breaking their agreement easier than ever before. Also, as companies continue to expand and grow, at a more rapid and diverse rate than ever before, it is far easier for employees to cross the lines of their non disclosure agreement.

Clearly, great care is needed when navigating the modern job market. Commitments to potential employers, cannot outweigh those made to current or previous allies.